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Welcome! This site is provided as a resource for all of our gardening friends and supporters of the Victory Seed Company.  Its focus is on gardening with heirloom seeds, seed saving, and historical horticulture.

The Victory Seed Company is a small, family owned and operated organization that works to preserve plant varieties by locating, growing, documenting and offering heirloom and rare open-pollinated seeds to home gardeners.  Unlike most garden seed companies that purchase and repackage seeds, we actually grow seeds on our farm and help to support other seed farmers by purchasing from our network of growers.

Our heirloom seed variety preservation work is supported by sales from our store web site as well as from private donations. Thank you for recommending us to your friends and family and for financially supporting our work through your orders.  We hope that you have a great gardening season and look forward to being of service to you in the future!

If you are a new gardener or seeking information about gardening in your area, click on your country flag below for more regionally specific resources.

Check Back!  This is a work in progress and more countries and information are being added on a regular basis.

Mini FAQ

Every year, people from all over the world send us their cherished seed varieties. Although resources and space are limited, we do fit in quite a few "new" varieties each year. After growing them out and evaluating them, we make as many of them available to gardeners as is practical. Preserving family heirlooms is the core of our mission.

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Updated on April 22, 2021

No GMOs Here!

We are an early signer of the Safe Seed Pledge

All of our rare and heirloom seeds are public domain, open-pollinated, non-hybrid and chemically untreated. No chemicals, unstable hybrids, patented or genetically engineered seeds!

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